Aruba Vacations

Aruba is a land with great diversity. Aruba sits beside the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. The Atlantic has violent waters crashing over the rocks and coral ridges and cliffs, while the Caribbean is tranquil and a great setting for snorkeling and swimming. In the land of Aruba, you can find a beautiful and lush landscape, punctuated by the desert, which is home to towering cacti and divi-divi trees. You can find old lighthouses and windmills, together with modern hotels and resorts that are conveniently accessible to restaurants, fancy casinos and fitness center. Whether you are into indoor activities or the great outdoors, you will surely enjoy Aruba.

In Aruba, you can enjoy the azure waters of the powder-white beaches as well as unique landscapes and cool breezes. The tropical ambience in this wonderful environment invites you to soak in the sun and ride the surf. You can walk through the city to enjoy the colorful Dutch architecture. Hotel guarantee top-draw accommodations, luxury services and resort-style amenities. The residents are friendly and hospitable to tourists; their warmth heightens the vacation experience. Geological formations and the wild countryside caters to the nature lover in anyone. The beaches of Aruba are great for diving. The sea is great for surfing while strong and steady winds make kite-flying fun. You can hike through the desert or enjoy the championship golf courses. Casinos beckon to the risk taker in you, while nightclubs feed your party-animal side.

Aruba is not a place where you will get lost. Restaurants, casinos, bars, and malls are clustered together, making everything conveniently accessible from your hotel. Even the beaches are within walking distance. If you need a guide to help you get acquainted with the land, you can avail yourself of local tour packages from hotels or employ the services of local tour operators, which can prove to be more affordable.