Buy Timeshares Wisely

Buy these wisely and you won’t be disappointed. With thorough research and clearly identifying your current and future needs you will be able to avoid disappointment.

Many of us like to have luxurious yet affordable vacations. Timesharing becomes the solution to this when beautiful resorts around the world offer timeshare packages that will allow them to have the best of both worlds. Luxury and affordability are often emphasized when timeshare companies are advertising their vacation properties.

Timeshares are offered in fixed, floating and flex weeks:

  • With a fixed week deed or agreement you can only stay at the resort during your assigned week every year.
  • With floating weeks you are required to contact the resort to designate your desired week. You can make a reservation for any time during the calendar year (or as for the months determined in your agreement) based on the resorts availability.
  • Flex weeks require you to make a reservation to an assigned season. Resorts have high and low demand seasons. In general red is peak or high season, white is mid season and blue is off-peak season. Of course demand affects the purchase price.

The purchase price of timeshares varies depending on the following factors: time of the year, location, resort amenities, size of the unit and market demand for the units on offer. Other timeshare companies use a point system as units of measurement to establish the value of the timeshare, which enables the timeshare owner to choose from a variety of resorts listed with the company.

There are also timeshare exchange companies that give their members the option to exchange with a comparable resort elsewhere around the globe. The two largest exchange companies are:

  • Resort Condominiums International (RCI)
  • Interval International (II).

Be aware that your needs may change over time. So it may be wise to keep all your options open and make sure you are not tight down to the same resort for years on end. If you are looking to be able to exchange then here are some pointers to buy wisely:

  • Buy high season timeshares. You are entitled to book any time during the year and won’t be restricted.
  • Buy in high demand areas. This will be of benefit to you of what you get offered in exchange for your timeshare by timeshare exchange companies.
  • Compare the prices expensive is not always better.
  • Check the maintenance fee before you commit yourself.

You can buy timeshares for a lot less money than what resorts are charging. Many previous owners sell timeshares at a discounted price allowing you to buy for far less than what you would pay a resort. Go to internet and look up “Timeshare Resales” or “Timeshare Auctions”.

And you can always try before you buy. Rent a timeshare for your next holiday to see if you really want to buy timeshares.