Can Great Dane Puppy Training Be Smooth Sailing?

Great Danes are some of the smartest dogs on the planet. They can learn up to one hundred separate voice commands. While you may not be trying to break any records with how many commands your Great Dane knows, their level of intelligence indicates they are very receptive of training. There are some concerns about Great Danes too, but if you are aware of the potential obstacles your puppy training should be smooth sailing.

A Great Dane puppy can be very active. If left alone too much, this active behavior can become destructive behavior. Exercise is good, but when puppy training, too much exercise can produce stressed bones and joints causing problems in an older dog. Not enough exercise and your puppy can seem uncoordinated. If you spend extra time with your puppy bonding, this extra energy will be focused toward positive behavior. The more time you spend with your puppy, the more likely you will end up with a fun loving dog.

These are very social dogs, so you will want to give your Great Dane lots of exposure to friends and associates. The more people the puppy gets to know as safe, the less likely they will see strangers as potential threats and become hostile. Without this socialization as part of your puppy training, they may become aggressive and suspicious of everyone. Because of this aggressive potential, never strike or physically reprimand your puppy.

However, some tools use a form of “pain” to illicit a positive response from your puppy. A prong collar is such a tool, which mimics the type of nip a mother will give her puppies if they are too aggressive during feeding. So, this collar uses a familiar form of “punishment” response. Do not confuse this with abuse or as it being OK to strike your puppy. This particular breed wants to be the boss – if, when it grows up, it feels it can “take control” it can become dangerous.

By their nature, Great Danes can be loving animals, with a strong desire to please their owners. They are smart and learn quickly making puppy training an absolute joy. They do require special handling and are not the right breed for everyone. However, if you have the time and dedication to spend with your new puppy, a Great Dane can be a very rewarding friend.