Cyprus – The Free Guide to Cyprus Vacation Homes

We would like to share with you a string of important guidelines that are imperative when thinking about going to Cyprus and renting a villa there. If you just follow these few “must have” rules you would have managed to organize a 100% disaster free holiday with the very best villa rental accommodation that Cyprus has to offer.

It is always best first thing to check out the letting agency that you may be considering, so just make sure that it comes highly recommended. Always make certain that you have their complete contact details before considering to part with your money. Make sure that the web page has a “Customer’s Comments” page and see if you can verify some.

A new way to check out the legal dealings of a web site is by having a look at what the social bookmarking sites are saying about it. A good example would be stumbleupon, although there are many others out there too. When making payment the most secure method is by PayPal so if you need to open an account just head over to and get signed up.

A great way to discover any dodgy movements by a potential Internet company would be to just Google their name and see what comes up…you can’t hide from Google. The matter of payment should take into consideration he prices given by Internet companies and high street travel agents so that you know what the average amount paid is. Also take into consideration that prices may be given in Euro, so if you need a hand with exchange rates take a look at for up to date currency conversions.

Before you have set off for your dream holiday in Cyprus make sure you have got the instructions to arrive at your holiday villa, as that certainly wouldn’t make a good start to your holiday. If you need more information about what is going on in the region you are staying in, then use Google earth to having a look at what’s to come.

You may have already booked this year and now you are banging your head against the wall wishing you had read these tips before. You may still be in time to change your reservation so don’t despair. A really great place to find an independent over view is on the blog mentioned below, which lists its own “preferred villa rental agencies” section, but whichever you choose I only hope you get the best out of your holiday in Cyprus.