Cyprus Vacation Rental Guide For All the Family

If you are going on holiday this year to Cyprus and staying in a rental villa, then you need to know what the most important points are to avoid any problems. In order to have a perfect holiday, just follow this basic guide and you will be guaranteed a problem free holiday in Cyprus.

First of all you need to chose a reputable agent or at least a recommended agent through people who have already used their services successfully. Once you have the complete package confirmed along with full contact details, you can make your reservation payment and not before. The safest form of internet payment is via a Paypal account for which you don’t even need a credit card. The internet will also assist you in finding good recommendations as there are now plenty of social bookmarking sites like where real people leave their comments about their internet experiences.

You could also use the Google search box to see if the letting company has a dark past and you could be surprised at the results that Google finds. In order to check up on quoted prices you could always have a quick look at prices in a traditional high street travel agents as a good comparison. You will also be need to be wary of prices shown in Euro but this too can be confirmed by on line exchange rate sites like

It is imperative that you have Cyprus rental villa arrival instructions as you might need to get to your holiday destination on your own or at least with the aid of a taxi driver. Another great free on line tool is Google Earth which will reveal exactly where you are staying and you will be able to see the surrounding area too.

If you have reached this point and you are concerned about any reservation that you may already have made, don’t worry yet as it may still be possible to change your holiday reservation. Just follow this guide to find an alternative rental villa in Cyprus and I really do hope that you have a fantastic holiday this year.