Eastman Outdoors 90414 BBQ ZaGrill’s Pizza Pan is Loved by Our Family

This is a wonderful accessory that would make anyone proud to have. The ZaGrill’s pizza pan makes a very delicious pizza on the grill. One thing I loved about this product is that it was not only easy to use but easy to clean. My pizza cooked up nice and crisp while proving to be evenly cooked. The crust didn’t stick which was a relief because I hate cleaning up.

Great for home ovens

I did notice that regulating the temperature was a little tough however; I was able to keep the temperature even. I have found that I can even utilize the pizza pan in my home oven. I utilize the pizza ban in the center of my oven. I have even made other things as well. I am very pleased with the purchase of this particular pizza pan.

Pizza in a jiffy

The time this pizza pan takes in creating a great tasting pizza was approximately eleven minutes. My only complaint about this is that there is not a larger one available. I would be first in line to purchase a larger version of this product.

Cleanup was a cinch

Cleanup proved easy with this wonderful pan. This product allowed me and my family to not only enjoy great tasting pizzas on the grill but also less cleanup time which allowed us to perform other fun things while camping.

Your children will love it

You will not be disappointed with the BBQ ZaGrill’s pizza pan. This product allows for more unique meals while camping and if you have children, what child does not enjoy pizza? You will not have to worry about your children turning their noses up at what you create on the grill.