Epicon Is The Newest Offering From Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Project City

Find Out What’s Inside Epicon, The New Epitome Of Luxury In Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Project
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Fringing the azure waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Epicon is Saudi Arabia’s latest offering from its NEOM project. A pinnacle of modern luxury and an engineering marvel, it is the retreat of the future that has everything from luxury hotels to beach villas, spas, and wellness centres.

Conceptualised by Studio 10Design, Epicon comprises two skyscrapers and a resort and is envisioned to become a jewel of the upcoming desert city of NEOM.

Here’s a glimpse inside Epicon, the new project in Saudi Arabia’s NEOM

Epicon in numbers

Epicon is a new coastal hotel and resort concept, a complex of two jagged towers measuring 225 m and 275 m high, imagined to mimic a glistening mirage on the horizon. Within these towers, guests can ascend to the lounges and premium restaurants. Those seeking elevated experiences can go even higher to enjoy stays at suites and residences. Epicon offers 55 such ultra-luxury suites and residences.

Located at a short distance from the towers is the Epicon Resort. A harmonious blend of architectural ingenuity and innovation, it comprises 120 luxury resort rooms and 45 residential beach villas. Here, a beach club, indoor and outdoor spa treatments, wellness pools, gourmet restaurants, stunning lounges and gyms await you.

A helipad, jetty and a range of water sports shall also be available to elevate your stay and make it an unforgettable experience.

“Designed as a gateway to the future, Epicon provides an opportunity to escape the stresses of the everyday,” describes a NEOM press release.

“A highly attractive visitor destination and an optimum place to live and thrive, Epicon’s guests and residents can expect a truly immersive and life-affirming experience,” it adds.

Other projects in NEOM

This avant-garde concept is the sixth region inside NEOM. It comes shortly after the announcement of Leyja, “NEOM’s sustainable tourism destination set within a magnificent natural valley”, stated the press release.

Other regions include The Line, Sindalah, Trogena and Oxagon.

(Hero and feature image credit: NEOM/ @discoveringneom/ Instagram)

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