Experience The Thrill Of African Safari Holidays In Kenya

The word Safari, in Swahili (a native African language) denotes a long journey. Wherever you recollect this word, the immediate thought that comes in your mind is planning the best African safari holidays in an exotic tropical location, isn’t it? Kenya, situated on eastern coast of Africa provides the best expedition experiences. This country comprises of 59 national parks and approximately 70 luxurious safari lodges that make your journey comfortable, surprising and fun-filled.

People often consider African safari holidays to be glamorous and expensive however it is not so. You can also plan out a low budget trip if you intend to stay in tents and pick trucks or small vans as your mode of travel. Only the hardcore nature lovers and explorers choose to do this.

Kenya offers you memorable African safari holidays because it is recognized for its best tourist attractions. It’s a home to the popular Masai Mara game reserve which is open throughout the year. It is inhabited by lion species, rhinos, zebras, elephants and other wild beasts. The best place to visit this place is late summers; that is from May to August.

Two luxury accommodations:

African safari holidays are incomplete without a touch of luxury to them. The world popular Sharova Shama Game Lodge offers you plethora of services ranging from safety deposits, money conversions, babysitting, laundry, nature walks, family swimming pool and three meals a day.

Moreover, you get to visit the nearby Shaba National Reserve that has approximately 250 wild bird species, giraffes and Gravy’s zebras. You can enjoy crocodile site seeing, bird-watching, traditional Samburu dances, African drinks and tranquil panorama of the surrounding river. And let me tell you, this place offers mouth-watering African cuisine!

Elsa’s Kopje, which derived its name from the protagonist (a lioness) of the book “Born free”, is located on the top of Munghwango Hill. If you book your accommodations in this lodge, you need not worry about losing your track on African safari holidays. This resort has local Kikuyu and Turkana natives that will be there to guide you through woods and the highways 24X7. You can sit back and relax by the refreshing puddle or treat yourself with herbal massage.

Almost all the tourist locations and accommodations are furnished with travel manual, tour guides, accommodations and transportation facilities. You just have to consider your personal tastes and your budget while going on African safari holidays.