How much does a trip to Europe cost? Six women share.

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“The breakdown is approximately $10,000 on flights (two adults and two children) and $1,500 for hiring a car. A chunk of our accommodation is free as we stay with family but we budget $3,000 for the rest, depending on where we go, and then everything else in spending money (food, experiences, tours, shopping etc.)

“I imagine this will only increase as the kids get older and want to stay in hotels the entire time! Oh, and we go for three to four weeks at a time.”


“My partner and I have spent a cool $10,000 for the two of us for a little more than two weeks – and that’s before we even hit the ground. That’s $2,690 each on flights, $1,000 for five nights on the Amalfi Coast, plus all of our other accommodation and internal travel. Thankfully, we are staying with friends in London, otherwise that would’ve cost another $1,000.”


“I have gone above and beyond to get the cheapest flights, deals and accommodation I can find for this five-week trip. Flights so far have cost around $7,600 for two people. I got an $800 flight to from Sydney to Athens with a budget airline, and to find that flight I looked at flights into every location we wanted to visit to see which would be the cheapest. Flying into Athens and out of Paris were the best deals, so we moved in that direction checking each flight individually as we went.

“Accommodation has cost around $5,000 upfront but this includes a five-day Croatia Sail trip for two people. To save for this, we have moved back home to live in a granny flat at my partner’s grandmother’s house. It’s not glamorous but we are certainly grateful to have the option.

“We are also counting on getting some tax back and selling a car to give us that extra cash. We are taking an additional $10,000 dollars in spending money. Total so far is $22,600 including projected spending money, which is close to the $25,000 I estimated it to cost when we started booking.”