Is Club Med at Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, Florida a Good Place for the Family to Vacation?

If you are vacation this year and want to stay somewhere that is nice, all-inclusive and family oriented, you may want to consider Club Med in Sandpiper Bay, Florida.

Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about Club Med. I had heard the name over the years but really didn’t know what it had to offer. Then I got the chance to visit the place for free. You can’t be that, right?

When I arrived, I noticed that although the property was a bit older, it was still very well-kept and had lots to offer. Another thing I noticed, was the friendly staff-and I’m not just saying that. These folks seemed to love what the did. Not only that, many were friendly enough to sit with you and eat at lunch. I met a guy from California and a girl from France.

The Room

When I got to my room, I was impressed with the size and cleanliness. Honestly, I loved it. I had a view of the water and a nice big bed to relax and watch TV at night while winding down.

The Food

Now, here is where it gets really good. Aside from the buffet that is insanely awesome with a huge list of options, there was a place called The Riverside Grille. They had some of the best food I’ve had in a while-and I’ve eaten some great food over the past couple of months. My first night of dinner, I had stuffed shrimp and a filet. The filet was so good I wanted a second. And when dessert time came around, it was white chocolate bread pudding. Which because of my diet, I passed on. Silly me, right?

The Nightlife

Although it was off-season, there was still music and a bar called Slice. Here you could get all the drinks you wanted, listen to acoustic music in the early evening, and DJs and bands depending on the time of day and the time of the week. I was a fan of the place.


One thing I really liked about Club Med in Sandpiper Bay, was the fact that you were never far from coffee. I believe this is because a lot of Europeans spend time at Club Meds around the world, and just like me, they love their coffee.


There is an endless supply of things to do at the Club Med in Sandpiper Bay. If you want to just be lazy and sit by the pool, great, do that. If you want to take sailboat lessons, okay, cool. However, you can also work out, go to the spa, play golf, tennis, mini-golf, pickle ball, and even take trapeze lessons. Yes, you can take trapeze lessons and actually get on the trapeze and fly into the arms of a professional trapezist. However, I didn’t do the whole trapeze thing.

So, again, if you are looking to go to an all-inclusive resort in South Florida that has plenty to offer, check out Club Med in Sandpiper Bay.