Offering RCI Timeshares for Sale? Keep These Aspects in Mind

If you want to put up your RCI timeshares for sale, you will have to search for potential buyers as RCI does not buyback the timeshares once sold to you. You can rely on a reputed agency to sell your timeshare but you will need to set a suitable resale price and have enough information about your timeshare to clarify the queries of all potential buyers who contact you. Consider these points to make your resale experience less challenging.

Estimate the price correctly

One of the ways to decide on a reasonable resale price for your timeshares is to find out the rates at which other owners have sold their timeshares. When researching the rates, look at the sold timeshare properties that are similar to yours, with respect to amenities and size. This will help you make a better judgment and set a suitable resale price. The current market value of your timeshare property is the most important factor that will determine the price buyers will be willing to offer for your timeshare.

Provide adequate buyer information

Ensure that your advertisement is appealing to potential buyers. You will have to include all essential details about your timeshares in your advertisement. Include the estimated price, the timeshare location, the facilities available and most importantly the benefits and privileges that the buyer will be entitled to. You should place the advertisements on suitable websites, in classified ad listings and in newspapers. Provide your phone number so that an interested buyer can get in touch with you immediately.

Seek expert help

Even if RCI does not buy back the timeshare, it may be able to provide you with some assistance with respect to advertising your RCI timeshares for sale. In-house advertising services are offered by timeshare resorts, helping share owners advertise their timeshares more effectively. You can also seek the help of timeshare resale agencies, but make sure that you choose a reliable resale partner. Certain unscrupulous agencies promise quick sales, encourage clients to make initial payments and then disappear without a trace. A legitimate agency will not charge upfront fees and it will also assist you in the property transfer. Ask colleagues, friends and relatives who have sold their timeshares recently or in the past for recommendations.

Negotiations and legal issues

Try to engage in a flexible negotiation with the buyer. This does not mean that you have to settle for the low price that the buyer is willing to pay. Once you have reached a reasonable price agreement, you would need to draw up a contract. Hire a real estate lawyer for this purpose. Ensure that the terms mentioned in the contract are agreeable to you and the buyer. While you may have to pay a small fee to hire the services of a lawyer, it will be in your best interests to seek legal help.

Other than putting up RCI timeshares for sale, you can also consider donating them to a charity. Another option would be to rent out the timeshare till you find a suitable buyer.