Swaziland Guestbook Review

Swaziland has quite a lot to offer its guests especially in relation to its rich heritage and friendly, welcoming people.

Culture and Traditions

One thing that stands out about this Kingdom is its enduring culture. For example the most popular reed dance still manages to attract thousands of girls from around the country to participate – proudly. What’s more attractive about this occasion is the traditional attire worn. This is the most featured occasion featured in most Swaziland Guestbook reviews and brochures.

Furthermore there is the sacred Incwala ceremony, which is help annually around December. This is what Swazis call a sacred prayer in which the King actively participates.

Nature reserves

When visiting Swaziland you will come across a wide array of animals, birds and flora. If you’ve always been dreaming of seeing the BIG 5 live then this is the country to visit. For example, you can have a chance to see the big 5 along with some reptiles, warthogs, antelopes and more.

Adding to all this is the country’s people. You’ve never seen friendly people than Swazis. Then there are the beautiful mountains, rivers, gorges, waterfalls and some unique rock formations like the Sibebe rock.

Tour options

While most Swaziland Guestbooks focuses on the hotels and resorts you can enjoy a wide variety of tour options. These include self-drives, guided horse and walking trails.


You can enjoy different options for accommodation. There are bush camps, traditional huts located in nature reserves, bed and breakfasts, back packing facilities and lodges. Of course you can find 5 star hotels and other fancy accommodation venues – if you are not one to enjoy the true essence of an African Kingdom.