The Andis HangUp Hair Dryer – Reviews Of The Best And Most Popular Models

Andis are one of the few manufacturers who make a wide choice of wall mounted hair dryers. They are a no-frills, but reliable, hair care appliances that are widely found in hotel bathrooms: chances are if you stayed in a hotel and used a wall mounted dryer, it was an Andis. Many people decide to buy one of its wall mounted models because they got to first use them while staying in a hotel.

Andis is an American company that still continues to design and build its appliances in the U.S. The company makes a wide selection of hair dryers, from basic traditional to ionic, ceramic, tourmaline and wall mounted models. The range of wall mounted models is known collective as the ‘HangUp’ collection. The following is a review of the most popular units.

Andis HD-2 1600 W HangUp Pro Turbo

Its main selling points are that it is easy to install, the wall plate is metal, automatically shuts off when the dryer is placed back on the holder, stays cool, is ADA compliant when mounted below 48″, and comes with ionic technology, which produces lots of negative ions to speed up drying time and to hydrate hair, leaving it shinier and with no frizz. Finally, one button allows you to set the 3 heat and 2 peed settings.

For under $50, you’ll be getting a well-made and very good product; however, there are some minus points. There’s no cool shot button, the motor is 1600 watts (most professional blow dryers are around 1800 watts), the handle is not the most ergonomically designed, the power cord could be a little longer and it is a little on the noisy side when on full power.

Andis HD-9 Euro HangUp Hair Dryer

This is a much better option than the Pro Turbo. The wall mount is smaller, there’s automatic shutoff, a quiet but larger 1875 watt motor and a contoured handle that makes using it much easier. The overall design has a much sleeker, modern look to it, unlike the Pro Turbo, which looks decidedly old fashioned in comparison.

The only downside – when compared to the pro Turbo – is that there are only 2 heat and speed settings but most users should be satisfied with this. Also, there is no cool shot button.

Andis HD-3 HangUp 1600 Portable Hair Dryer

This will be for those who want to take their blow dryer with them when the go on vacation. It comes with a 1600 watt motor, auto-shutoff and a plug and cord that can be unplugged when you want to take it with you. There are 2 temperature and speed settings. Like all of the wall mounted series, there is no diffuser, concentrator or pick included with the appliance.

An Andis HangUp hair dryer may lack some of the more recent technical innovations like tourmaline and diverse attachments but they are well-built – something that’s backed up with a 5 year warranty – and at under $50, they represent really good value for more. Finally, many consumer hair dryer reviews give each model a high score in terms of price, reliability, ease of use and styling results.