Things to Know Before You Book a Flight to South Africa

Read right through to the end, your answer is somewhere in this page.

1. There are adequate flights to South Africa.

2. Flights to South Africa are available from every major capital in Europe and arrive at Cape Town and Johannesburg daily

3. Some airlines that offer service the SA route include, Air France, United Airlines, American airlines, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Iberia airways, LTU (air Berlin), and South African Airways (SAA). There are many more.

4. South African Airways and Delta Airlines offer direct flights to the country

5. If you fly with KLM, you will almost certainly fly via Schiphol

6. Lufthansa departs daily from Frankfurt, Düsseldorf

7. Iberia flights to South Africa are available for about £400.00. You will have to check if this figure still stands.

8. Prices on airline flights to South Africa can vary greatly. There are many different ticket providers that offer many different prices.

9. Do not be fooled to think that Flights to South Africa are always cheap – they can be a bit expensive.

10. flights to South Africa are most expensive in December.

11. You can find some cheap ones from London or Amsterdam

12. You need to book well in advance in order to get the cheapest tickets

13. They can be booked easily by agents

14. You can book through the Internet as well. Like anywhere else, you simply select your departure airport or departure country and you will get a list from which you can choose.

15. All or most of them accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa as well as Visa Debit and Visa Electron.

16. The infrastructure in the country is excellent, which attracts a number of airlines to service SA routes.

17. Onward flights to SA can be booked

18. Most of the international ones are generally overnight

19. Many travelers prefer direct evening flights to the country.

20. British Airways and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offer daylight flights to SA

21. A majority of them land at Oliver Tambo International airport in Johannesburg

22. November to March is a tourist season and it is hard to get cheap bookings during this time.

23. Christmas and New Year gets even busier and harder to make a booking.

24. It is easier to find a cheap airfare from around June

25. It is advisable to get an insurance travel when flying to South Africa – to any country for that matter especially if you travel regularly on business.

26. Many airlines accept a deposit if you book at least ten weeks in advance.

27. Most of the websites that offer bookings for air tickets also offer bookings for accommodation and car rentals. This makes it quite easy for you to organize your trip. Looking for such sites? Read on.

28. It is always advisable to consider what you want to do while you are in this trip. It can get consuming if you live this till the last minute.

29. Buy a ticket that allows you to travel midweek. This way you can possibly get a better offer.

30. Not all airlines heading to the country are scheduled. Some are chartered.

31. You can book British Airways flights to South Africa starting from around 400 pounds.

32. You can book them from NYC or Washington DC

33. Direct flights are a bit pricey

34. During winter prices are priced as off peak.

35. Indirect flights offer cheaper fares

36. Some flights are routed through Kenya and Zimbabwe

37. You must have a valid passport and a visa if traveling from some countries

38. Some booking agents no longer allow passengers to check in unless their return dates are also booked.

39. You must be 18 years of age or older to consume alcohol on all airline flights

40. You can book a cheap flight, hotel accommodation, cars and packages at this best South African booking website.