Touristic Review About Malta

Sitting on a plane waiting for takeoff, I met two tourists heading for their own homeland waving goodbye to the blessed islands of Malta and their unforgettable holiday. A Dutch couple who was seated next to me on the plane, looked at me and asked whether I was Maltese. I nodded and they congratulated me for living on such a wonderful rock.

To my amusement I followed with the discussion to see what they really liked about the Maltese Islands. Of course tourists almost always love the local weather; sunshine and light breezes are common all year round. This occurrence took place in March, a time when rain and cold weather is still dominating most countries. However it was nice for hikes and walks in light trousers and t-shirt or a lean cardigan in Malta. In fact, this couple enjoyed a four-hour walk around the northern coast of Malta, from Bugibba all to way to the capital city, Valletta.

The visitors had also enjoyed a day at Malta’s sister island Gozo. They were impressed by the tranquil lifestyle the Gozitans can still take pleasure from. Beautiful landscapes, beaches, greenery, fortifications like Cittadella, historic museums, dungeons and more featured their must-visits list while in Gozo. They also came across a marketing shoot by an international clothes brand featuring their campaign with local scenery for their videos and adverts in New York City, US.

Back to Malta, the Dutch couple liked the Maltese cookery. Warm and Mediterranean dishes at its best. They were also surprised by the fact that Maltese tend to eat late. Apparently in the Netherlands people have their dinner earlier than eight o’clock in the evening (as is usually done in Malta). They were extremely pleased with their accommodation in Malta and they loved its surroundings. They stayed in the capital fortified city, Valletta.

They described their 5 star hotel in Malta as very pleasing, with good food, very central and luxurious. Transport access was only few steps away, making their holiday much easier as they could easily get from one excursion to the other. Valletta alone is a place where you may spend your whole day visiting interesting places that mark Malta’s history. There are also a number of restaurants, shops, hair dressers, pharmacies and more crucial establishments deemed important for tourists.

While having a fulfilling experience in Malta, the Dutch couple were eager to get back home to their children and relatives. However they will make it a point that they come back to the Maltese Islands for an enjoyable relaxing holiday.