Vacation Rental Spring Deep Cleaning

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Spring unveils distinctive challenges and opportunities for vacation rental property managers and investors, whether you’re situated in the sunny landscape of Miami, Florida, a region with milder temperatures like Portland, Oregon, or dethawing from all the snow in Chicago, Illinois. If you want to polish up your vacation rental this spring season, this comprehensive deep-cleaning checklist gathers insights and advice from experienced professionals in the field.

From seasonal deep-cleaning routines and thorough property inspections to refining property management strategies and enhancing guest-centric amenities, these recommendations aim to ensure a refreshing and stress-free experience for guests. 

Whether you’re preparing for a busy tourist season or optimizing outdoor spaces, this Redfin article covers it all, emphasizing the significance of proactive measures, transparent communication, and a hospitable approach to success in the competitive vacation rental market.

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1. Prepare for increased activity and communication

Spring is not only when the weather heats up. The hospitality industry also wakes up during this time, meaning you’ll deal with more competition to get people into your vacation homes. 

Nikki Martin, Owner of Grand Welcome Cocoa Beach shares, “We find that during the winter season, snowbirds spend several months at a property – which means that guest support receives fewer callouts. Then once we move towards springtime, guest support gets busier with many more guests booking shorter stays. This translates into more questions and service requests from guests. We prepare for this increase in activity by being well stocked with amenities, like new beach umbrellas, beach chairs and coolers — as demand increases for these items as the weather warms up.”

2. Go beyond deep cleaning and landscaping

Sometimes, cleaning doesn’t feel like enough to give your home an energizing spring lift. Breathe new life into it with more spring-like decor and lighter colors. 

“As you gear up to prepare your vacation rental for the vibrant spring season, don’t just stop at the typical deep cleaning and landscaping routine,” says Earnest Homes in Los Angeles. “Elevate your space by embracing the spirit of spring through thoughtful interior updates. Swap out heavy curtains for lighter ones. Infuse a touch of seasonal charm with spring-themed throw pillows and artificial plants to instantly transform your space. Additionally, ensure that your thermostats are adjusted to complement the season’s temperatures.

Earnest Homes

Courtesy of Earnest Homes

3. Take inventory 

General Manager, Ian Vogt from Grand Welcome Destin & Miramar Beach recommends, “Give your property some TLC before the rush begins. Follow these tips to get your space ready for the warmer days ahead:

  • Take inventory: Conduct a thorough inventory of your home. Ensure the kitchen is well-equipped, and double-check the quantity of pillows and blankets to prevent any potential guest complaints. A well-stocked property contributes to a stress-free experience.
  • Clean hidden spots: Winter can leave behind hidden dust and grime. Take the time to clean under furniture, appliances, and ceiling fan blades. Don’t forget to spruce up your exterior areas with a pressure wash for a stellar first impression.
  • Focus on the exterior: Elevate curb appeal by pressure washing patio furniture, outdoor walls, and driveways. A fresh exterior makes a lasting impact and sets the tone for a memorable stay.
  • Prepare for hot days: In warmer climates like Florida, ensure your HVAC system is up to the task. Schedule a check with your trusted vendor to inspect freon levels and overall functionality, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests during the scorching summer days.”

4. Technical, energy, and support considerations

Before renting out your vacation home, make sure all the technical elements are functioning properly, so guests feel safe and connected throughout their stay. This includes ensuring HVAC systems and Wi-Fi are working optimally.

Fort Lauderdale vacation rental and short-term rental management PMI Premium Services insists on, “Preparing a vacation rental for the spring season involves several important considerations. Here are some key steps to ensure your rental is ready for the season: 

  • Technical considerations: Test all appliances and electronic devices to make sure they are functioning properly. Also, check that your Wi-Fi network is strong and reliable, as many guests rely on internet access during their stay. 
  • Energy efficiency: Consider making any necessary updates to improve energy efficiency, such as installing energy-saving light bulbs and updating thermostats. This can help reduce utility costs and appeal to environmentally conscious guests. 
  • Guest support: Review and update your guest support materials, such as welcome packets and house manuals. Include information about local spring events and attractions to help guests make the most of their stay. Consider creating a digital guide for a better guest experience.”

5. Get your HVAC tuned up 

Luke Brannon, Owner of Grand Welcome Orange Beach says, “Spring kicks off the busiest time of year for tourism in Orange Beach and the surrounding area. The weeks before Spring vacation season are an important time for preventative maintenance and a great opportunity to spruce up a property. 

In Orange Beach, we have mild winters, so A/C systems are typically used throughout all seasons. However, now is a great time for a full HVAC checkup to ensure the system can keep up with increased demand as we enter the warmest months of the year. If a property didn’t have a deep cleaning at the end of the last peak season, it’s the perfect time for that as well.”

6. Interior refresh and safety check

Pioneer Enterprises in Baltimore, Maryland advises on how to make sure your interior spaces are ready for spring: “Preparing your vacation rental for the spring season involves a mix of refreshing the interior, ensuring safety, and updating amenities for enhanced guest comfort. 

Focus on deep cleaning carpets, windows, and hard-to-reach areas. Guests are more inclined to open their windows when the weather starts becoming nicer so be sure that your windows open and close easily, there are screens to prevent flies, bugs, and other unwanted debris, and that the locks work.

Safety checks are crucial; ensure smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers are functioning properly. Technologically, update your Wi-Fi capabilities and provide a user-friendly guide for any smart home devices.”

7. Reduce allergens 

Don’t let spring allergens get your guests down. 

Steven Brown, Owner of Grand Welcome Great Smoky Mountains recommends, “Preparing vacation rentals in the Smoky Mountains for the spring season, especially in areas like Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg, TN, involves a comprehensive approach to ensure guest comfort and safety while enhancing the property’s appeal. Locally, you’ll also find there is an increased emphasis on allergen reduction, given the spring pollen in the Smoky Mountains. Energy efficiency is also a priority, with the implementation of LED lighting and energy-saving appliances.

Guest support is enhanced during spring, with staff providing detailed information on local spring festivals, hiking trails, and outdoor activities unique to Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. This holistic approach by Grand Welcome ensures that each property is not just a rental, but a memorable part of the guests’ experience in the Smoky Mountains.”

8. Prepare during the less busy periods

Grand Welcome Franklin’s owner, Josh Smith mentions, “In the Middle TN area, the winter months leading up to spring (Jan-Feb) tend to see fewer guests than other times of the year. What better time to take a deep dive on your units. Leading up to spring is a time of additional considerations for our clients’ homes.

Another notable change for spring season is checking your home’s outdoor spaces. Make sure gardens and yards are spruced up (great time to mulch) as well as bringing gardeners/ landscapers back on the schedule for routine trimming. As for guest support, we amp up recommendations for springtime local activities and events to help enhance their overall experience as they come to enjoy our little slice of paradise.”

9. Consider updating these small details

“When doing a deep clean, think of baseboards, ceiling fans, refrigerator tops, ovens, cabinets, and all of the little things,” recommends Absolute Vacation Rental Services out of Scottsdale, AZ. It’s also a good time to refresh linens and pillowcases, which may be faded or worn. You could also add some personal season touches like plants or custom signs. Maybe re-visit your canned messages and think about getting more personal with the guests.

 Some more tips to prepare your home for the new seasons should include:

  • Change your air filters
  • Clean out dryer vents
  • Service your Heat/AC
  • Check locks for functionality
  • Double check water pressure and functionality of all plumbing
  • Double-check fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Fresh batteries and light bulbs where needed
  • Check the expiration date of fire extinguisher
  • Be sure your first-aid kit is adequate
  • Re-program and double-check your thermostats
  • Charge your ring-cams and or make sure your subscriptions are current

10. Update your guests on spring events

Corie and Naomi Thompson, Owners of Grand Welcome Gulf Shores share, “We always start with a thorough deep clean to focus on any overlooked areas throughout the rental.  We stay on top of seasonal events and activities that we can inform the guests of during their stay. Swapping out winter bedding for a lighter more seasonal style always helps to bring in the new season.  Making sure we have all our outdoor areas in perfect condition and ready for guests. 

11. Spring updated amenities

“After a long cold winter it’s important to prepare your vacation rental for the upcoming and exciting spring season,” says Sapphyre Properties. “Here’s a few tips on how you can get your space ready for spring:

  • Update listing details and photos. Is there a new place in town? New restaurants or things to do? If so, you’ve got updating to do then. Guests love referrals, and will love bright new photos for springtime and the new year.
  • Consider upgrading your thermostat to a smart one. This way you can schedule temperatures to save on energy costs as well as making sure guests are staying comfortable as temperatures swing.
  • Getting spring-time amenities or items cleaned and prepped; things like outdoor furniture, activities, and fresh house plants.
  • Deep cleaning is a must. Time to dust the ceiling corners, empty the garage, clear the space behind the washer and dryers, and work like a fairy godmother.
  • Making any updates to your property that can improve guest stays and attract more bookings. Not everyone can put in a new pickleball court, but you might just be able to get fresh outdoor chairs. New paint, fresh caulk, and creaky patios should be taken care of early, and often.

Sapphyre Properties

Courtesy of Sapphyre Properties

12. Indoor and outdoor recommendations

Coastal Maine Vacations recommends, “As you prepare for your short-term vacation this spring, it’s crucial to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable stay by conducting a thorough check of your home’s functionality – inside and out.


  • Take a moment to inspect the details – do all the lamps work? This is a good time to replace older light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Does the garbage disposal function smoothly? How about the dishwasher, washer and dryer? Take the time to run through a cycle to confirm all works as it should.
  • Test if a hair dryer trips the breaker and check if any doors stick. 
  • Do all the outlets work?
  • Most everyone remembers to replace the batteries in the smoke detector, but this is a good time to double-check the directions for the smart TVs and replace the batteries in the television remote too. Having clear instructions for guests to watch television is essential.  


  • Ensure that all outdoor pathways are clear and easy to navigate. 
  • Evaluate your walkways and outdoor structures for any damage caused by winter weather.
  • Adequate outdoor lighting is crucial for the safety and convenience of your guests. Make sure that the exterior of your property is well-lit, especially during the evening. 
  • Confirm that your home address numbers are clearly visible from the road.
  • Make sure the gas grill is clean and in good working order. Fill and connect the propane tank and then fill another as a spare. It’s always good to have a backup.
  • Provide clearly marked and easily accessible trash bins for guests to dispose of their waste. Regularly empty the bins to maintain a clean and tidy outdoor space.
  • Inspect the exterior of your property for any signs of pests or insects.
  • Finally, don’t overlook the importance of a yearly septic system check, which is especially vital for short-term vacation rentals where these systems often face heavy use.

13. Good neighbor check-ins

Grand Welcome Newport Beach’s  General Manager, Phil Caudle recommends, “Spring will allow us a little more time to interact with neighbors. It’s not quite as busy as the summer months may get, so it allows us to perform “good neighbor” courtesy check-ins.  These are great to just introduce ourselves so the neighbors know they can contact us if any future issues should arise (parking issue, noise level, etc).

We typically schedule a deep spring cleaning right after the rainy months. This includes interior paint touch up, new linens and towels, rugs and sometimes fresh décor (like paintings or vases). The exterior gets a little makeover as well as we trim hedges and plant new shrubbery. If patio lights, barbeque grills or furniture are worn, they get replaced as well.

14. Meticulous preparedness 

“Our aim, as part of our luxury property management services, is to provide clients with a worry-free experience, eliminating the frustrations of unexpected repairs and maintenance requirements,” shares Olivia Day, Director of Operations at Mister Peele, a luxury home maintenance concierge in West Hollywood, CA.

“Meticulous preparation enables us to truly elevate a client’s experience. Our skilled team of luxury property professionals prepares and arranges interiors, provides proactive maintenance, and more to ensure that everything is pristine for every arrival. Not only that, but flowers, refreshments, and our clients’ beverages of choice will be laid out for those finishing touches.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art technology and app allow us to record our progress, making it available to our clients 24/7, anywhere in the world. Clients can use the app to get in touch with their dedicated property manager, ensuring one simple point of contact for all repairs and issues.”

15. Have seamless check-ins and checkouts with a 24/7 response team

Vacanza Rentals Short-term vacation rental property management company in Southwest Florida says, “We offer a versatile selection of luxury villas in Southwest Florida. All of our vacation homes are fully equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and relaxing vacation. We make sure that booking your accommodation in one of our vacation rentals is a stress-free experience. Our Local Guest Service team is available 24/7 to provide any valuable information regarding your stay, for a seamless experience from booking to checkout.” 

16. Update your listings, social media, photos, and websites

Grand Welcome Houston’s Owner Niyi Olumide shares, “Spring means a busy season for our vacation rental properties that are about to kick into high gear. This is the time when we give all our properties extra attention to freshen them up and increase guest comfort. Here, we look at our online listings, photos, websites, and social media accounts and ask ourselves, “Do they accurately describe the vacation home?” Even if we haven’t changed things like furniture, paint/decor, we consider taking new photos anyway, and throwing in a few additional perks to enhance our guests’ experience.”

17. Do your own inspections

Vacation Rental Manager, John Guy from Jean Knapp Rentals in Ogunquit, ME, recommends, “When preparing your vacation rental for the spring season, various steps can enhance guest satisfaction and preempt potential issues. 

The foremost consideration is a comprehensive safety inspection, focusing on crucial aspects such as:

  • Are all stairways with 3+ stairs equipped with a stable railing, free of loose boards?
  • Is a fire extinguisher present in the kitchen (usually under the sink)?
  • Is the first aid kit replenished or new?
  • Are smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, and propane detectors functioning with new batteries?
  • Are all egress windows operational?
  • Once safety is assured, attention is directed towards other essentials:
  • Is lawncare, oil/propane delivery, and trash pickup scheduled?
  • Is all furniture (interior and exterior) in good, working condition?
  • Is there a sufficient amount of crockery and cutlery?

Drawing on guest feedback is invaluable. Reviewing previous guest reviews and feedback notes helps identify and address consistent concerns. Proactively seeking guest input post-departure fosters continuous improvement.”

Jean Knapp Rentals

Courtesy of Jean Knapp Rentals

18. Design your vacation rental based on your region

Guests staying in South Jersey are more likely to opt for a beach-themed decor look, while people vacationing in Gatlinburg will want a cabin-like dwelling. Tailor your vacation rental to your surroundings so it doesn’t look out of place.

“We prioritize guest comfort by incorporating tropical-inspired design elements and amenities that celebrate our vibrant locale, such as outdoor lounging areas perfect for enjoying Florida’s beautiful spring evenings,” suggests Grand Welcome Hollywood Florida’s Owner, Simon Kouhana. “Additionally, we enhance our guest support with local guides to Hollywood’s spring events and attractions, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay. Our dedication to these details not only elevates the guest experience but also reflects the lively spirit of Hollywood, FL.”

19. Stay organized and manage time effectively

Your Island Connection, LLC in Bailey Island, Maine, shares, “We have learned over the years that organization is key. We use spreadsheets, labels and online appointment scheduling to ensure that all of our properties are open and ready for our guests. We schedule our cleaners, plumbers, window washers, carpet cleaners and linen deliveries all ahead of time so we are not scrambling at the last minute. We do thorough checks that all of our houses have the proper necessities as well so no guest has to go out looking for any unforeseen items. We do all of these things to make sure our guests have the most wonderful accommodations possible as well as the perfect Maine experience.” 

20. Provide fun outdoor activity equipment 

Metrovelle and Valerie Denmark, Owners of Grand Welcome St. Augustine, mentions, “With energy efficiency in mind, we equip our places with smart thermostats to keep things cool and eco-friendly. Since we’re nestled in the heart of Florida’s historic treasure, we guide our guests to explore the spring festivals and hidden gems of the city, like secret spots for the best live music under the stars. We ensure our rentals are ready for anything, stocking up on beach gear for sunny days at Anastasia State Park and prepping bikes for leisurely rides through our picturesque streets.”

21. Evaluate your property and do a vital check

“As spring arrives in San Diego, we are carefully revitalizing our properties to provide an exceptional guest experience,” says Drift Vacation Homes. “Spring marks the perfect time to replenish any aging or missing home inventory, stocking up on top-quality essentials. Simultaneously, we initiate our pre-summer maintenance program, conducting a rigorous 120-point inspection of HVAC systems to guarantee optimal functionality.

Additionally, we ensure that our grills are thoroughly cleaned, parts are replaced as needed, and fire pits are upgraded for safety and enjoyment. Our team also takes care of hot tubs and pools by doing deep cleaning and replacing any necessary parts, ensuring the environment is clean and relaxing for our guests.”

22. Beach house safety and prevention

Taylor Porter, Owner of Grand Welcome Hilton Head Island says, “Our teams conduct a thorough inspection of outdoor living spaces, such as patios and decks, ensuring they are pristine and inviting for guests looking to enjoy the spring sunshine and ocean breezes. The importance of safety measures is heightened by the coastal environment, with checks on outdoor lighting, deck integrity, and emergency supplies tailored to beachfront living. 

Spring cleaning extends to ensuring sand and salt air haven’t compromised the quality of the home, with deep cleaning of fabrics, air filter replacements, and a focus on moisture control to combat the humid climate. Energy-efficiency measures are adapted for the beach environment, with the installation of ceiling fans to complement air conditioning and the use of energy-efficient cooling systems to manage warmer spring and summer temperatures.”

23. Plan an experience for your guests and create local partnerships

“There is truly nothing like Kentucky in the spring,” says Emily Sharp, CEO of Experienced Stays. “ We welcome hundreds of guests who travel to Kentucky to experience the beauty of the Keeneland Spring Meet, participate in the Redbud Ride, or spend time on The Bourbon Trail. 

We offer our guests more than just a place to stay while visiting Kentucky, we provide the entire experience. Whether it’s grocery shopping for the guests, coordinating ride services, or even creating an entire itinerary to ensure every guest has a trip to remember. To prepare for spring, we are deep cleaning each house, updating furniture and decor, replacing batteries in all fire alarms and keypads. We also spend this time to focus on enhancing local partnerships to provide a better stay for our guests.”

24. Make your own checklist

Gerda Kauks, Owner of Boutique Host based out of Scottsdale, AZ recommends, “In anticipation of our peak rental season, we follow a 36-point checklist to ensure our properties are in optimal condition. Spring typically brings higher occupancy, and our preparation minimizes maintenance issues. 

Our thorough cleaning regimen includes quarterly deep cleaning, checking AC and fridge filters, appliances, plumbing, and addressing any wear or tear on furniture (Pro tip: Investing in high-quality, durable furniture is always a good investment.). Utilizing tools like the iRoomba vacuum allows us to reach every corner, ensuring a dust-free environment.

A meticulous inventory check of the kitchen ensures that no plate or fork is missing, with replacements provided as needed. We collaborate with local vendors for grout and shower deep cleaning. Commercial-grade cleaning is essential to maintain pristine surfaces and extend the life of a rental, and we perform exterior window, patio, and garage washes at least twice a year.

Our cleaning team undergoes a rigorous three-month training program, emphasizing not only the best cleaning methods and products, but also effective communication. Additionally, guest feedback is vital, and we incorporate suggestions as soon as possible across all of our properties to enhance guest comfort.”

Boutique Host

Courtesy of Boutique Host

25. Replace amenities and prepare the property well in advance for maximum profit

True Property Management Based out of Costa Mesa, CA recommends, “When you have coastal vacation homes it’s important to check the barbeques, fans, and space heaters and replace them about every other year or sooner, as they rust quickly from the ocean air. Guests believe that they are dirty, making them feel like the whole house is not as clean as it should be, leaving a bad taste in their mouths. Always think ahead and look through the home with fresh eyes.

Ensuring your rental property is upkept is paramount to maximizing your profit. The more desirable the rental, the higher demand and the greater the rent price. As we approach the peak spring and summer months, we recommend owners refresh items like the paint and flooring, where necessary. 

Additionally, carpet tends to wear quickly in vacation rentals where there is high turnover. We recommend replacing carpet in the areas of the home that have high foot traffic with a light-colored LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring. LVP is durable, scratch and stain resistant, looks similar to hardwood, and gives the home a clean and modern feel. Plus, it should last years longer than carpet.”

True Property Management

Courtesy of True Property Management

26. Preventative and liability maintenance

“Getting ready for the hustle and bustle of summer is no easy task, especially if you have a larger portfolio of homes that you’re working with. This is why extensive checklists, highly trained staff, and detailed procedures are essential to your start-of-season success. 

Once you have triple-checked your list, you will move on to your preventative maintenance. Including this at your opening will more than likely prevent the smaller issues we hear from guests throughout the season. It’s important to look closely at anything that contains a filter, can collect dust, or clog. You might miss it unless you’re looking for it, such as the fridge, microwave, dryer, bathroom fan, AC, dishwasher, stand-up fans, pool, humidifier, range hood, smoke detectors, and most importantly the shower drain. 

Lastly, the most uncomfortable but important piece is reducing your liability with safety. You are looking for expired smoke detectors, tagged fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency exit plans, walking paths well lit, signs around the pool, a fence around the pool, edges of your carpets secured, fire escape ladders, large steps pointed out, and anything that might have loose screws.”

Bayley Vacation Rentals

Courtesy of Bayley Vacation Rentals

27. Stay compliant in your municipality

Guy Benhanan from Vacation Rental License recommends, “Your AC will be your guests’ best friend – a quick tune-up ensures it’s in top shape and combating heat. Staying compliant with your municipality is just as important as the functionality of your home. Keep your legal docs up to date, like licenses and certificates of use. All City Permits is a full service permit expediting firm. To streamline the process, reach out to the licensing experts to guarantee compliance. Pro tip: spend a night at your Airbnb, note what needs fixing for that five-star experience.” 

28. Make the significant changes and inspections during the quieter months

Michael and Caroline from Host and Keep suggests, “The quieter seasons are opportune moments for us to undertake significant repairs and updates, whether refreshing the interior design, hanging new curtains, applying a fresh coat of paint, or beautifying the garden. We conduct extensive physical inspections to ensure each property looks impressive in photos and exceeds expectations. Our inspections focus on both hospitality elements and mechanical functionality, aiming for a balance between aesthetic appeal and operational excellence. During this time, we refresh essential items such as bed linens and undertake upholstery cleaning, ensuring that every detail contributes to a welcoming and memorable stay for our guests.”

Host and Keep

Courtesy of Host and Keep

29. Be prepared for extreme weather conditions

The last thing you want is for your guests to feel unsafe in your vacation home if the worst happens. 

Natasha Pani and Kiara Laughran from Dolce Vita Vacation Rentals shares, “As a vacation rental management company based in South Florida, our protocols tend to stay the same all year round and we do all points below on a monthly, if not, weekly basis since there tends to be more upkeep with a warmer climate. However, we treat the fluctuating “colder” months and hurricane season with extra care. 

We pride ourselves on our rigorous housekeeping process and checkpoints to get the “so clean, you could eat off the floor” reviews. However, in addition to our meticulous checklists, we take this time to ensure all properties are geared for hurricane season, both on the outside as well as the inside by stocking up on supplies such as batteries, flashlights, water, and more.”

Dolce Vita Vacation Rentals 

Courtesy of Dolce Vita Vacation Rentals 

30. Seal up the exterior when it gets hot

Operations Manager, Trevor Reeves at Scottsdale Property Management shares, “Spring in Arizona means it’s peak travel with the golf season, spring training, and wedding festivities. Aside from ensuring your vacation management services are top notch, we recommend taking care of the preventative maintenance and safety measures ASAP. Electricity is very costly for a vacation rental. For this reason we always recommend keeping your house sealed property from windows to door thresholds. Get those AC units checked out and if you’re in the process of replacing AC units any time soon, we recommend looking into ductless or mini-split units in the bedrooms. Guests love them and they keep your energy costs down.”

Scottsdale Property Management

 Courtesy of Scottsdale Property Management

31. Review guest feedback and automate communication

Arizona Vacation Home Rentals says, “Every spring, we have an Audit Refresh Process. In addition to deep cleaning our properties both inside and out, we check and replace worn linens and towels. We refresh our extensive list of kitchenware including dishes and glasses, flatware and cutlery, among many other things. We review guests’ feedback and use their suggestions to enhance the comfort and appeal of our homes. For guests’ safety, our number one priority, we update the automatic emails, text messages and phone calls to guests to include storm/flash flood alerts since they may be unfamiliar with the possible local hazards associated with these weather conditions.

32. Focus on content marketing

Allison Crumpton, owner and founder of White Stone Marketing adds, “Don’t underestimate the power of content marketing. Regularly publish blog posts on your website focused on relevant keywords like ‘spring wellness retreats,’ ‘local yoga studios near [your location],’ or ‘best hiking trails near [your location]’. This not only positions your rental as a haven for rejuvenation but also drives organic traffic to your website, increasing the likelihood of direct bookings. This content can also act as the foundation for targeted advertising campaigns. By offering unique experiences and promoting them strategically, you’ll be able to tap into the growing wellness travel trend and stand out from the competition this spring.”

33. Update your welcome guide

Spring and summer are peak times for vacation homes, so make sure your welcome guide contains relevant, compelling information. 

Day N Nite Stays  says, “Quality assurance checks are paramount before the arrival of spring, as March sees peak seasons due to spring break and spring training. To enrich guests’ experience, a welcome book or guest guide, highlighting local events, attractions, and seasonal activities can be offered at the property. Additionally, you can add guidelines regarding outdoor amenities and any seasonal changes in the area, ensuring they make the most of their stay. 

Day N Nite Stays

Courtesy of Day N Nite Stays

34. Replenish backups

Finally, make sure you have extras of everything you store in your vacation home. 

Stephanie St-Hilaire, CEO of Breezy Vacation Rentals recommends, “Keep backups of everything handy and accessible to your guests; sheets, duvets, pillows, batteries, lightbulbs, water filter replacements somewhere accessible to your guests. I also like to keep backups of things like hair dryers, towels or anything that often goes missing in your particular unit so it can quickly be replaced during the turnover.“

Consider scheduling the trash to be picked up on turnover day (spring break can often mean big groups and lots of trash left behind, nobody wants to arrive at their airbnb and be stuck taking out the last group’s trash).”

35. Protect your property’s value

Big House vacation rentals says, “Regular maintenance and upkeep are paramount for a vacation rental to ensure the ongoing freshness and appeal of the property. A well-maintained space not only enhances the overall guest experience but also protects the property’s value. Timely attention to cleaning, repairs, and cosmetic touch-ups prevents wear and tear, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.” 

36. Stay in your own VR as a guest would

Ashley Ching, CEO of Inhaven recommends, “Before the winter rush, vacation rental owners must thoroughly inspect their properties, even stay in them if they can to experience them as a guest would. This involves checking the quality and comfort of mattresses and beds, and ensuring the kitchen is fully stocked with no missing glasses, dinnerware, or cutlery. These foundational elements are essential for guest satisfaction. Without them, the finer details of a stay, like inviting gathering spaces, might not be appreciated. Perfecting the sleeping, bathing and eating experience can significantly enhance the guest experience, making a winter getaway memorable and ensuring guests feel truly at home.”