Visiting Southern Cyprus on a Budget

The southern part of Cyprus has become an extremely popular holiday destination in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. With its wonderful climate, sandy beaches, modern resorts and historic towns, it’s clear to see why so many tourists flock here each year.

As you may know, Cyprus is a divided island at present and has been for some years. The northern part of the country has become more open for tourists but the reality is that many of the best resorts and facilities are to be found in the south. If you’re worried about any aspects of travelling to the island then it’s important that you check the current advice from you local authorities before you set off.

If you’ve been thinking about having a holiday on the island then there may be a few things that are currently putting you off. If you have a young family then you may be concerned that Cyprus seems to have become well known for his nightlife, which can be loud at times. Fortunately, much of this is restricted to the area in and around the popular resort of Ayia Napa. If such a holiday wouldn’t appeal to you then you’re best approach would be to look at other resorts on the island, such as Paphos.

How about the issue of price? Depending on the exact resort that you’re looking at, you may note that Cyprus can be more expensive than some other Mediterranean destinations. This is largely because it’s seen as being a particularly attractive place to visit. Shop around to find the best deals.

It’s surprising how many people persist in booking their holidays in high street travel agents. Such shops were often the only choice for many but it’s clear that most of the best deals are now to be found online. Use the internet to compare prices and to get discount deals on Cyprus trips. You’ll be surprised how much you can get without blowing your budget.