What Places to Visit During Your Caribbean Holidays?

Caribbean is the region situated in the south east of Gulf Mexico. It mainly consists of Caribbean Sea, beautiful islands and the coastal regions. It is made up of more than seven thousand islands, islets, reefs and cays. Some of its islands are part of the rouged, towering mountains while others are located in the flat terrain areas. Its climate is tropical; the extent of rainfall varies with the elevation and the air currents. Warm and moist wind keeps on blowing throughout the season. The marine life is the most beautiful. It contains schools of fish, turtles and the colourful coral reefs.

It is a very beautiful place. Its beauty attracts people from all over the world to spend some time with their families and loved ones. The thought of golden sand, sapphire waters, tall coconut trees and the blue skies fills the heart with the desire to visit and spend some time at this beautiful place. So, you can take out some time from the busy schedule to your holidays at the Caribbean islands.

The Caribbean islands offer marvellous places to visit. Snorkelling, at Jamaica and Bahamas is a great experience during the Caribbean holidays. It is a great experience to swim with the marine life. There is a network of internationally important biodiversity sites. This region is exceptionally rich in endemic birds, water birds and other unique species. Cancun presents a natural theme park. It contains all types of water sports to keep the visitors entertained.

The worth-seeing places during Caribbean holidays include Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, St. Lucia and Tobago. At Bahamas, you can enjoy sailing and diving through the Andros blue holes. During the Caribbean holidays, you can also visit Cuba. The Cayo-Coco, a desert island, is a lovely place for the sun worshipers.

Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful destinations during the Caribbean holidays. It presents the most beautiful Dunns waterfalls. Here you can get the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. Along with the dolphins, it also offers daring swimming with the stingray fishes. Here, the Cayman island present spectacular white sand beaches.

Aruba is a favourite destination of many vacationers. It offers dazzling beaches. It boasts many Vegas style casinos and lavish hotels. It is the best destination for the friendliest people. You can have a lot of fun at the bars during the Caribbean holidays.

St. Lucia is one of the romantic islands. Here, the huge peaks, clothed with velvety tropical plants, give a refreshing look. The honey-coloured beaches are shaded with the soaring palms. The colourful blooms and greenery promises the most romantic walk of your life.

Tortola is the most active destination of the chain of islands. You can have big resorts, duty free shopping and the cruise ship crowds. The white sand beaches, including the Cane Garden Bay, are the fascinating attractions. It is usually filled with the boats and activities. The access to the spot is relatively easier. Thus, all the beautiful destinations make the Caribbean holidays exotic and memorable.