Why Fly Private

There are many reasons why busy executives choose air charter or a charter flight rather than commercial flights. Convenience, time savings, comfort and safety are the top rationales why charter jets are popular with business executives.

Standing in long airport lines for hours is not particularly convenient. Parking in a far outer lot, then having to trek to the airport terminal is bothersome. Having your flight delayed or canceled is not only maddening but can also cause you to miss a meeting with an important client, the implications of which can equal millions of dollars. Travel is a necessity in your line of work, so why not enjoy it by using a convenient aircraft charter? With one phone call, your personal aviation concierge can handle every detail of your travel plans, including before, during and after your flight. If you need to book a hotel suite, a limousine, or make dinner reservations after you arrive at your destination, your expert concierge will handle it for you.

Not only are these flights convenient, but they will also save you much time when you have to travel. Your in-flight time is maximized to your exact specifications, because any sort of assistant you need is available to help. Whether secretarial, legal, accounting, or technical services, there is exactly the support staff you need while in flight to help you get everything done. You can hold private meetings while in the air with the people of your choosing when you decide to fly in an executive jet. No more office distractions when you travel and talk at the same time.

You want to make your flight as comfortable as possible, and you will be able to celebrate the luxurious accommodations that will await you on corporate jets. Any style of five-star cuisine is available, and food requests that you have concerning religious or liquor requirements will be gladly met. Any in-flight service that you wish, including but not limited to nanny service, hairdressers, masseuses, or others that you request will be available when you need them.

Your safety is of primary importance every time you fly, and you will want to ensure that you private jet brokerage provides comprehensive safety and security screening of every aircraft and flight crew member that you will rely upon for your safe travel. If you are traveling outside the country, it is best that any private airports into which you will fly meet FAA safety standards as well.

Your own corporate jet could use over 6,000 airports worldwide, and provide you with an easy method of transportation for business travel. You’ll love how much control you have over many aspects of your flight, so that you will experience a smooth flight every time.